Thursday, November 25, 2010

A New Girl Crush & A Face To Watch

I have a new girl crush so I thought I would introduce you to her...

Her name is Amber Stevens and she plays Ashleigh Howard on GREEK.

Amber not only acts but is a talented musician, having sung back-up vocals on American Idol with such artists as Gladys Knight. She has also started to record demo tracks that feature her self-written lyrics and vocals and performs at venues in L. A. In addition to her TV and film credits, Amber has also landed national Ad campaigns for Old Navy, Verizon, Payless, and is the new face of Soulmates clothing.

With the announcement of GREEK coming to an end I'm looking forward to seeing where Amber heads next.  I just hopes she pops up on our screens again soon as she is a joy to watch.

Watch this clip from GREEK where Ashleigh introduces her 'film major' boyfriend to 'Clueless'.

1 comment:

dancing in beaumont said...

She is very cute! Loving some film chat about Clueless, seriously, she has a point, it is a ripper film!!!

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