Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am now even more in love with Drew Barrymore than ever before, she has just admitted on Australian national television that she had a crush on Maxwell Caulfield! There are still a few of us out there. The lovers of GREASE 2. We have to stick together but it's worth it. GREASE 2 is not the disaster everyone believes it to be, it's a masterpiece that introduced us to Michelle Pfieffer and of course the absolutely gorgeous Maxwell Caulfield(Michael carrington). Sadly, his appearances have been harder to find over the years, They have been there, just harder to find. Most notably, Dynasty and The Colbys. He is currently in EMMERDALE, a UK soapie! One of my fave things about Maxwell, is that the love of his life is none other than Hayley Mills, of Nanny and the Professor fame. She is 18 years his senior but they have been together since 1980!!! Wow!

By the way, my rollerderby name is Princess AssassinateHer! I like it!


Jenny said...

Oh Maxwell - you were such a cool rider!
And did you take note of her Andrew McCarthy lov'n!!

Jenny said...

My roller derby name is -
Bunny JunkieGrrrl. Look Out!!!

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