Saturday, December 19, 2009

saturday is fantasy day

The boys of 2009!

joseph gordon levitt - for sharing 500 DAYS OF SUMMER with us, one of our fave films of the year

mark salling - what a delightful discovery he has been!

ryan gosling - for bringing us the delightful sounds of DEAD MANS BONES

channing tatum - for trying to bring bogan into cool (trying!!!)

bradley cooper - for making us laugh hyserically in THE HANGOVER

ryan reynolds - for being really cute and making us giggle in THE PROPOSAL

tom sturridge - A little English discovery and Rob's best mate

zac efron - and every year needs to be celebrated with a bit of Zac! He introduced himself to a whole new audience with 17 AGAIN, he did a grown up photo shoot and he made J and I very happy!!!


Jenny said...

I am loving this post - what an inspired idea! FANTASTIC.

Jenny said...

The Chan really is hot isn't he!!

Lizeylou said...

Now what a list this is!!
Not so sure about The Chan, but all in all I would be very happy to look at these guys anyday of the week

Jenny said...

Eliza obviously hasn't seen the Chan in action!!! She could not watch 'Step Up' or 'She's The Man' and not get the Chan thing.

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