Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Is Why We Love Keith

Keith Urban, played Santa on Saturday, secretly buying a $450 guitar pedal for a shellshocked teenager while shopping in Brisbane.

Tym Brennan, of Tym Guitars, told ABC Radio this morning that Urban had come into his shop to buy a guitar following his concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Friday night.

"I look up and there's Keith Urban and his band, which was quite a shock obviously," Mr Brennan told ABC.

"He spent abut half an hour in the shop trying out guitars, and there was a kid sitting there trying out a fuzz pedal, which is an effect you get for a guitar.

"Keith came back down the counter and was chatting away and had picked out a guitar he liked. He had heard the kid trying out the pedal for some time and he just leaned over and whispered, 'How much is the pedal that kid's looking at?' "I said, 'It's $450, it's not a cheap one', and he just whispered, 'Put it on my card.'

"Obviously I was quite shocked.

"I said, 'Do you want me to tell him?', and he said, 'No, wait 'til I leave.'"

Mr Brennan said as the Caboolture country rock singer made his way out the door, he simply shook the teen's hand, said merry Christmas and left.

The teenager asked Mr Brennan afterwards whether it was in fact Urban, then got the shock of his life when told the guitar pedal was his.

"He looked at me several times blankly and sort of turned a bit white," Mr Brennan told ABC.

"After he settled down a bit he rang his dad on his mobile and said that Keith Urban had just bought him a Christmas present."

(Via Conal Hanna - The Age Newspaper, via Craig Jansson)


Kell said...

Now that is the spirit of Christmas at its best. Bought a tear to my eye. What a lovely Man!

Ally said...

Keith just gets better and better ......

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