Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poor baby V

At last, some gossip about the break up!!!!!

Vanessa spent her 22nd birthday partying at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas on Dec. 18 with friends including Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow. But the night ended with a meltdown as she sobbed because ex-boyfriend of five years Zac Efron never gave her a ring!

According to the National Enquirer, Vanessa, 22, partied down with her friends, and things went well for much of the night. But she eventually was overtaken with emotion when she came to terms with Zac, 23, not being there.

Vanessa allegedly cried and bemoaned the fact that her former boyfriend and still close friend Zac wasn’t there for her and she felt “like such a fool” for thinking Zac would actually propose on a recent trip to Hawaii. Instead the High School Musical couple ended up breaking up on the bittersweet trip. After she calmed down, Vanessa went back to the party and finished out the night.

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Cool Rider said...

Happy Birthday Baby V.

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